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Do I need to be ‘fit – have abs of steel and loads of strength’ to start? Can I pole if I am ‘plus-size’?

- You do not need to be at any particular fitness level to start pole, or have any background in fitness to attend the classes, everyone can start pole regardless whether you are a regular ‘gym goer’ or have never exercised before

- If you do have any injuries, ailments, have recently given birth or had an operation just make sure you have been given the go ahead to exercise from your physician

What to expect from my first class?

- Expect to have lots of fun discovering something new!

- We are a welcoming all-inclusive studio and our main priority is to make everyone feel at ease and have fun!

- Your class will start with the instructor introducing themselves and checking in with everyone, they will then take you through the warm up to prepare the body for exercise, followed by some pole specific conditioning, class plan and finishing with a cool down

- In your first class we will be going over the fundamentals of pole – understanding muscle engagement and our whereabouts around pole to ease us into it, you will learn some spins and moves which are low to the ground whilst you are building the confidence on and awareness of pole

- When you are learning and perfecting moves on the pole there is a risk that you will get bruising and/or friction burns (we call them pole kisses), some people bruise more easily than others

What do I need for my first class?

- Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you

- You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in – leggings are fine to start with, you can also wear shorts; and a top

- If you would like to attend classes but have questions concerning modesty for personal or religious reasons please get in touch (thepoleloft.liverpool@gmail.com) and we can advise you on which classes and pole wear might be right for you

- For your safety and also to maintain equipment we ask you to leave any jewellery i.e. rings, bracelets, watches, piercings etc. at home as they can injure you and also damage the poles

- We will ask you to take your shoes off, you can wear socks but bear in mind that it will make you more slippery

- Don’t wear a moisturiser – that includes hand cream – as it makes you slippery and it also leaves a residue on the pole

Is there an age limit?

- The studio’s minimum age requirement for students to join classes on their own is 18

-  Minors over the age of 16 are able to attend our classes with the consent of a parent or a guardian, a parent/guardian must attend with any person under the age of 18 to provide a valid form of identification – once this is completed minors are allowed to take the classes on their own

What facilities are at the studio?

- The studio is located on the first floor, unfortunately we do not have a lift available

- There are 2 studio rooms for classes, 2 changing rooms, 2 toilets and a kitchen, corridor with hall and reception area with sofas where you can sit and chill before/after your class

- We also have a resident massage therapist Harmony Moon Holistics – check her out for a variety of massage offers! (we recommend to have a massage regularly as pole is a very physically demanding sport)

Can I just turn up for class?

- Please make sure you read our terms and conditions thoroughly

- You must be booked onto a class before you turn up at the studio

- This allows us to ensure classes are not overbooked and that you have completed all health and safety forms required prior to starting the class

What if I am late for class?

-  Please make sure you read our terms and conditions thoroughly

-  If you are more than 5 minutes late for class you will NOT be allowed to join the class under any circumstances. We understand that lateness is sometimes outside of anyone’s control however it is our duty to ensure your safety in class and therefore the attendance of the warm up is mandatory. Please make sure you leave enough time for potential traffic or other issues when travelling to the studio. Being late to class would mean you would have missed a big part of the warm up which prepares your body for exercise, you would have also missed the check in with the instructor and therefore any risks for you and the instructor would increase

- We have a 24 hour cancellation policy (as stated in our terms and conditions)

Do students share pole in classes?

- Our studio operates on a 2 per pole policy which means that if the class has more students than the poles available you may be required to share a pole with another student

- This has shown to be a more effective way of exercising as you use your time more efficiently and allows for breaks to help you recover

Do I have to wear heels?

- You do not have to wear heels, heels are not a requirement for class – even in our Heels Flow and Pole X Heels classes, if you don’t want to wear heels that is absolutely fine, you can wear socks to help you slide on the floor as needed

- For Heels Flow and Pole X Heels classes we do recommend you bring knee pads to protect your knees from friction burns and impact

What experience / certifications do the instructors have?

- Our instructors are experienced and qualified in the disciplines they are teaching – gaining certifications from Xpert and Spin City Instructor Training – Level 1 and 2, Level 3 and 4 covering beginners through to advance pole

-  Additional qualifications of our instructors include – anatomy and physiology, flexibility, essential science of heels, 200 hour yoga teacher qualification and many CPD (continued personal development) workshops and seminars

- All of our instructors are 1st Aid Trained

What kind of equipment do you use at the studio?

- Our pole studio has floor to ceiling xpole xpert poles – 6x 45mm chrome and 1x 40mm chrome

- Our second studio room has 2x stage poles – 45mm chrome – which also double as lollipop stages

- We also have several other equipment we use in conditioning and flexibility classes and workshops

Do you allow all genders in classes?

- Yes we absolutely do – everyone is welcome to join our classes regardless of gender, religion, race, beliefs…

- We are committed to creating an all-inclusive, welcoming and safe environment, we believe in equal opportunities and aim to continue building a safe, strong and supportive community

- We expect our instructors, students and visitors to treat everyone with respect and kindness

How do I sign up?

- You can sign up to any of our classes and workshops via our booking page TeamUp

- Here’s the link! We are excited to welcome you to the studio!