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Want to challenge yourself and your training further? Want to work on more advance moves and further your pole training?'s your chance to learn from and train higher level tricks and combinations with our elite level instructor Holly!

PRE-REQUISITES: This class is suitable for everyone who has a strong unassisted invert, inside (scorpio), outside (gemini) leg hangs. If you are unsure whether this class level is for you please contact us directly.

We will continue to help you improve on your skills, your strength and all other aspects of your pole journey.



NEW MONTHLY CLASS - Heels Skills with Holly

Who is this class for?

- anyone who has completed a beginner course or min of 6 beginner pole sessions and is already attending heels flow classes, or would like to start attending heels flow classes

- anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into heels technique, slow things down to learn and understand the movement, the steps and the process 

What can you expect from this class?

- conditioning specific for dancing in heels

- slower paced approach to break down and learn technique, movements and specific elements such as: walking in heels, balance, pirouettes, weight distribution, connecting moves, elements of edge work etc.

- learn short sequences to perfect technique and to use within your own dance

Ready to up your HEELS SKILLS?

Scarlet Raven

Join the amazing, full of fire, slinky, badass queen for 2 of her signature workshops at the studio.

Saturday 9th June

Like A Boss, Bitch (pole choreo) 12-1.30pm £35.50

Learn a piece of Scarlet style choreo that will have you slinking round the pole and rolling all over the floor. All whilst connecting with the camera and feeling your filthiest! Always bring a pair of kneepads just incase and heels are encouraged. 

Private sessions with Scarlet from 1.45pm £50pp

Scarlet will work with you on whatever you want to, from pole tricks to dance and a fusion of both. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from an amazing instructor with vast amounts of skills and experience. Private sessions are amazing as you can get an individual approach to work on just the thing you wish!