Our instructors

The Pole Loft is a small business established in January 2018 and we have grown ever since. From a handful of classes per week and a one woman show to a full timetable filled with various classes and disciplines and an incredible hilarious and skilled team!

When Alena set up The Pole Loft her aim was to share her passion for and love of pole. Her world has changed when she started pole 10 years ago and that included all the physical benefits of pole but mainly the benefits she felt on her mental health, confidence, self-esteem and self awareness. Alena was quickly hooked and her dream was to be able to share all of this with as many people as possible and that's when our studio was born!


Alena is the owner of and head instructor at The Pole Loft. Alena has been pole dancing for 10 years, she adores pole for everything it brings - you will hear her say that pole is not just the exercise, it's so much more, and once you start you will know exaclty what she means. Alena is Xpert and Spin City qualified instructor, she is also a qualified yoga teacher, her goal is to continue creating a welcoming and supportive community, her main aim is for her students to have fun in classes whilst becoming strong and badass polers.

Watch Alena's intro video here where she shares why she started The Pole Loft and what it means o her.


I started pole dancing in July 2021 to gain strength and quickly fell in love. In May 2022 I qualified as an XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 instructor so I could help others start their pole dance journeys.

I'm a fan of building strength to help you tackle those tricky tricks!

Watch Ami's 1 minute video on her pole journey and classes she teaches at the studio here 


Holly has been pole dancing for 10 years, she lived and trained in London for the past 5 years and has relocated to Liverpool in 2022! She recently won London Pole Championships 2023 Pro Heels and was also awarded prize for the Most Creative Heels Tricks in the same competition, 1st place at Authentics Pole Dance 2023. She specialises in old school $kripa style dance, advanced and pro level tricks!


Raven (she/they) hails from Belfast NI and resides in Manchester, coming to The Pole Loft every Tuesday for her patented pole and stretch themed chaos! She has been teaching since December 2019 with a little (large) nudge from her pole teacher progressed not only her own practice but her students’. Her unwavering belief that anything is possible means that she’ll not let you say you can’t, you just can’t…yet. She has learnt from world class instructors from all over the world, and her mission is to make everyone believe that they can achieve anything, no matter what the obstacle! 

Meet Nadia in this 1 minute video and find out what to expect from her classes here 


Anna has been training aerial since 2016 and teaching since 2021. She is qualified in Level 1&2 Pole, Flexibility, Aerial Hoop and Silks ( a quadruple threat!! ). She loves all things bendy and helping her students grow and achieve their goals, she can also never be seen without her trusty red bull or coffee by her side!!

Watch Anna's 1 minute video where she tells you how she got started with pole and aerial and what classes she teaches at the studio here 


Jenna has been pole dancing for 10 years and during that time she has trained with and been taught by some of the worlds most talented pole athletes and performers. Jenna loves everything pole dance and fitness but she especially loves spinning pole and graceful flowing combinations. Jenna’s main goal is to ensure you are having FUN exploring your own unique style in a safe environment. Jenna enjoys performing and has competed and won awards in both single and doubles competitions.


Sophie has been pole dancing for nearly 7 years now and has been a part of the amazing Pole Loft community for 3 years! She has recently completed her Xpert level 1 and 2 instructor course to start teaching you lovely lot. As well as pole she has also been doing aerial hoop for 5 years and has been a Spin City qualified hoop instructor for nearly 2 years, she loves seeing her students progress, building up strength and confidence.

We also host a variety of workshops with guest instructors throughout the year!! Keep an eye on our socials so you don't miss out! We've hosted amazing pole stars such as Tiff Finney, Lisa Hammond, Gemma Rose, Kitty Velour, Destiny, Beanie The Jet, Kitty Campari...as well as photographers Sylwia Misarko, Ray Marsh and Pole Desire.

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