Hey you! Welcome!

Hey! We're so happy you're here!

We know starting something new and coming to a new place can be quite daunting and even a bit scary. We want you to know that at The Pole Loft we are all about having fun, learning new skills, making new friends....we build each other up. What's improtant to us is that you enjoy classes without worrying about things looking perfect, about mistakes, bodies, skills or fitness levels... We thrive on supporting our students finding happiness and confidence in themselves when they feel more comfortable, stronger, flexier...achieving amazing badass things! So if you are ready to discover pole, feel amazing - body and mind, grow your confidence in your own body and learn some badass skills...now is the perfect time!

Hi and welcome from owner Alena.

'I set The Pole Loft up in January 2019 because I wanted everyone to not only discover pole and share my pole addiction but mainly to share the amazing powers of pole...the confidence and self belief, the strength - mental and physical, the community, the self appreciation and recognition, the feeling good in one's own skin...

I wanted everyone to get a LOT of that... I set it up, but our students and instructors make the studio what it is... an incredible, welcoming, most supportive and safe place and community.'


Are you wondering WHAT CLASSES we offer and WHICH would be most SUITED for you?

Check out our list of sessions with descriptions for each class here: CLASSES and TIMETABLE. You can also view our timetable with all our sessions on the same page.

If you are a new starter then any beginner or open level (mixed ability) class is suitable for you to book onto.

To start with we would always recommend to choose a drop in session without any commitment to a membership or a class pass. That way you can test it out and see if it is something you want to do regularly!

NO EXPERIENCE required! Just know that when you are starting you do not already need to have any experience, certain fitness level etc...we all start somewhere and build it up, so just have a go!

All class, workshop and courses bookings are made on our TeamUp site, you can find a guide on how to get set up on it here.

Ok ok ok...we know, this all can be quite daunting, we completely get it...so have a look through our FAQs section which has a lot of questions usually asked when someone is considering starting pole and joining us for the first time.

Just know...we promote a safe supportive environment, you will be cheered on and encouraged, all our equipment is safely installed and we also have crash mats for all our poles, we all start somewhere wherever that is doesnt matter and you will progress from there...so are you in? We cannot wait to meet you in class!

Here are some questions we get asked from people wanting to sign up to their first class:

Do I need to be ‘fit – have abs of steel and loads of strength’ to start? Can I pole if I am ‘plus-size’?

- You do not need to be at any particular fitness level to start pole, or have any background in fitness to attend the classes, everyone can start pole regardless whether you are a regular ‘gym goer’ or have never exercised before

- If you do have any injuries, ailments, have recently given birth or had an operation just make sure you have been given the go ahead to exercise from your physician

What to expect from my first class?

- Expect to have lots of fun discovering something new!

- We are a welcoming all-inclusive studio and our main priority is to make everyone feel at ease and have fun!

- Your class will start with the instructor introducing themselves and checking in with everyone, they will then take you through the warm up to prepare the body for exercise, followed by some pole specific conditioning, class plan and finishing with a cool down

- In your first class we will be going over the fundamentals of pole – understanding muscle engagement and our whereabouts around pole to ease us into it, you will learn some spins and moves which are low to the ground whilst you are building the confidence on and awareness of pole

- When you are learning and perfecting moves on the pole there is a risk that you will get bruising and/or friction burns (we call them pole kisses), some people bruise more easily than others

What do I need for my first class?

- Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you

- You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in – leggings are fine to start with, you can also wear shorts; and a top

- If you would like to attend classes but have questions concerning modesty for personal or religious reasons please get in touch (thepoleloft.liverpool@gmail.com) and we can advise you on which classes and pole wear might be right for you

- For your safety and also to maintain equipment we ask you to leave any jewellery i.e. rings, bracelets, watches, piercings etc. at home as they can injure you and also damage the poles

- We will ask you to take your shoes off, you can wear socks but bear in mind that it will make you more slippery

- Don’t wear a moisturiser – that includes hand cream – as it makes you slippery and it also leaves a residue on the pole

Is there an age limit?

- The studio’s minimum age requirement for students to join classes on their own is 18

-  Minors over the age of 16 are able to attend our classes with the consent of a parent or a guardian, a parent/guardian must attend with any person under the age of 18 to provide a valid form of identification – once this is completed minors are allowed to take the classes on their own

Do you allow all genders in classes?

- Yes we absolutely do – everyone is welcome to join our classes regardless of gender, religion, race, beliefs…

- We are committed to creating an all-inclusive, welcoming and safe environment, we believe in equal opportunities and aim to continue building a safe, strong and supportive community

- We expect our instructors, students and visitors to treat everyone with respect and kindness

How do I sign up?

- You can sign up to any of our classes and workshops via our booking page TeamUp

- Here’s the link! We are excited to welcome you to the studio!

How to find us?

Check out how to find us, our location and parking HERE