Terms Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1. These terms and conditions must be read and agreed to before commencing any class session at The Pole Loft. This is for your own safety and so you have a full knowledge of our mutual obligations in this contract.

2. Signing these terms blindly and without reading them fully does not exclude you from their contents. You will be bound by them, so read them carefully.

3. Our sessions involve activities such as low impact cardiovascular exercise, spins, tricks, transitions from pole to floor/floor to pole/lyrapole, body conditioning and stretching/flexibility. The sessions are structured in a safe and effective manner and all activities will be explained and demonstrated. As with all exercise, pole fitness sessions carry an element of risk and you may experience some bruising or burn and feel slightly achy for a few days afterwards. The course and all sessions have been designed to minimise those risks and with continued practice your body will become conditioned to the movements involved. If, whilst practicing, you feel excessive pain or discomfort, please stop doing the activity concerned and notify your instructor immediately. Please work at your own level throughout the sessions; ensure you complete warm ups and cool downs in each session and use crash mats where applicable.


Health and Safety

4. It is important that before commencing a class, you must ensure you complete our online health questionnaire.

5. If you have already completed the online health questionnaire, you must ensure it is up to date prior to attending the class.

6. You must inform the instructor at the start of the class as to any injuries, pains, concerns and/or health issues.

7. If you suffer with a new injury or concern during your time at the studio you must seek proper medical advice from a doctor, physiotherapist or other professional before continuing to attend classes.

8. If you are pregnant, you must inform the instructor prior to attending a class.

9. No alcohol or drugs are permitted before or during the class. If an instructor considers you to be under the influence of either drugs and/or alcohol, you will be removed from the class without a refund.

10.  All members and guests are to wear clean attire.

11.  Before booking onto a class, you agree to review the required equipment to bring and understand you may be refused entry and/or participation in a class if you fail to bring the same.

12.  Members and/or guests agree not to wear any jewellery during the class as this is a health and safety hazard and may damage the poles. If you damage the poles in any way as a result of wearing jewellery, The Pole Loft reserves the right to seek the costs of repair or replacement of the pole and/or refuse any future bookings.

13.  Members must be no more than 5 minutes late to class. Anyone who is more than 5 minutes late will be denied entry and will not receive a refund. This is because the member or guest will not have had time to warm up adequately and is more likely to suffer injury.

14.  If you feel unwell, dizzy or faint or any unusual pain during the class, you must immediately stop exercising and inform your instructor.

15.  Where your instructor tells you to use a crash mat, you are required to use one.

16.  In the interest of hygiene, you must bring your own cloth and use the cleaning supplies provided by The Pole Loft in order to wipe down your equipment during and after classes. The equipment must be wiped down inbetween different users.

17.  Any, and all injuries suffered during the class, including minor injuries must be reported to the instructor at the time of occurrence so the instructor can log the same in the accident book.

18.  The Pole Loft takes all precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. By signing these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that pole fitness can be strenuous and at times, dangerous and you will rely upon your own judgment in participating in any exercise or manoeuvres. If any manoeuvre feels painful or you feel out of breath or dizzy, you will seek the advice of the instructor immediately. The instructor will at some points exercise their judgment and expertise in advising you not to undertake a manoeuvre.

19.  By signing these terms and conditions, you agree you have been told about the potential risks to your health and freely accept that by participating you run the risk of injury, particularly if you were to fall from or knock yourself on the pole. You agree that you will not hold The Pole Loft liable for any pre-existing injuries or medical condition which may be exacerbated if you participate.

20.  By signing these terms and conditions you hereby assume all responsibility for and on behalf of yourself, any heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who may make a claim on your behalf, and waive all claims against The Pole Loft and its instructors for any and all injuries, claims or damages that you might incur. This waiver extends to all claims of any kind whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown, direct or indirect or consequential losses.

21.  Nothing in this waiver shall exclude or limit The Pole Loft’s liability for:-

a.     Personal injury caused by its own or its instructor’s negligence;

b.     For fraud; or

c.     In any way that is not permitted under applicable laws.


22.  Classes are uploaded in 4 week blocks in advance. Any attendance must be by booking a class in advance, drop-ins without prior booking are not permitted.

23.  You agree that if you book onto a course and/or a workshop, payment is processed for the full amount of the course and once it has commenced, no refunds or transfers can be offered. You can sell your place on the course and/or workshop to another student if you are unable to take part but this must be done 7 days’ prior to the workshop and/or course start date. Responsibility for this lies with you. All requests for transfers must be submitted in writing to thepoleloft.liverpool@gmail.com 7 days’ before commencement of the workshop and/or course.

24.  Once an online booking is made, you agree that by making the booking you become liable for the relevant fee and/or cancellation charge.

25.  Confirmation of your booking(s) will be sent through to you by the TeamUp App Booking System.

26.  For a class to run, there must be 3 clients booked onto it. If there are less than 3 clients, you will be refunded for that class if the instructor decides to cancel it. Cancellation is entirely at the discretion of the instructor. The refund will be via credits returned or refund of the original payment method.

27.  If you are unable to attend, you agree to inform The Pole Loft in writing or cancel you space no less than 24 hours’ before the class is due to start. This applies to single payments, class packs and memberships otherwise you will not receive any credit or refund. There are no ‘carry overs’ in any circumstances.

28.  For pay-as-you-go sessions, no refunds or transfers are offered unless 24 hours’ notice is given for cancellations.

29.  For 1-2-1 private sessions, no refunds are offered unless 48 hours’ notice is given for cancellations. Missed appointments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

30.  All memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

31.  All members must be 18 years’ old or over.

32.  We endeavour to keep our pole classes limited to 2 people per pole, but there may be occasions whereby it is 3 to pole if any of the equipment requires maintenance or for safety concerns.

33.  In cases of unfavourable poling weather – if it is too hot or too cold – The Pole Loft reserves the right to cancel classes and will offer ‘catch up’ classes at a convenient time.


Cancellation of Memberships

34.  You are required to give a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing to thepoleloft.liverpool@gmail.com to cancel your membership.

35.  In signing up for a membership, you agree to commit to a minimum of 2 billing cycles before you can cancel it.

36.  Memberships are non-refundable.


Class Etiquette

37.  You agree in signing these terms and conditions that you must listen to their instructor and follow the instructions provided to them.

38.  You agree that you will not attempt to teach their fellow class attendees as pole dancing is a potentially dangerous sport and if practised improperly could cause personal injury or death.

39.  You agree that you must not touch their class attendees without that person’s express permission. However, they are not to lift, catch or assist them in any way.

40.  You agree that you will not attempt moves that their instructor has not demonstrated to them or that are not on the class plan that day. At no point should you teach new moves to other students as it would be putting them at risk.

41.  You agree to treat your fellow class attendees and instructor with dignity, respect and kindness. Members who are rude, disruptive or bullying will have their membership cancelled and denied entry to the studio.

42.  We encourage members and/or guests to take photographs of their progress, however, you agree that you are to ensure you have permission of the instructor and fellow students before photographing or filming in the studio.

43.  We request that any videos and/or pictures shared on social media tags The Pole Loft and we will request permission to share videos and photos on our social media pages from the student(s) featured therein.

44.  We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, body shaming and/or discrimination based on any of the recognised characteristics within the Equality Act 2010. If any member breaches this term, their membership will be cancelled and they will be requested to leave the premises.


Breach of the terms

45.  The Pole Loft reserves the right to deny membership and/or entry to anyone for any reason.

46.  In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, The Pole Loft reserves the right of to terminate your membership or deny access or request you leave the premises immediately.

47.  If you are found to be in breach of the rules or committing an illegal act, including theft, you will be asked to permanently leave the studio and be barred from entering the studio in the future.



48.  If you wish to report accidents, incidents or problems with services you should contact The Pole Loft directly in writing to thepoleloft.liverpool@gmail.com

49.  You are not permitted to levy complaints against The Pole Loft within the WhatsApp Group or Facebook Groups.


Opening Hours

50.  The Pole Loft reserves the right to change class times, days and/or opening hours as considered necessary for the proper operation of the studio.



51.  Class descriptions, course content, choreography and any other materials remain the sole copyright of The Pole Loft and cannot be used or copied without express written permission.

52.  You may not copy, download, reproduce, broadcast, publish, post or otherwise use The Pole Loft’s website content or any other media in any way, particularly in relation to commercial use. Any use requires The Pole Loft’s express written permission.


Website Use

53.  You agree to only use The Pole Loft’s website and associated services for completely lawful purposes, in a way that does not infringe the rights of, or restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of this site by any third party.

54.  Prohibited behaviours include but are not limited to defamation, damaging the security of our website, causing distress to or harassing any person, damaging content on our website, transmitting obscene or offensive content or anything which may impact the effective operation of our website.



55.  This contract and any claims arising out of this contract are governed by the law of England and Wales.



56.  If you breach any of the terms of this contract, you agree that you will be liable for The Pole Lofts costs for pre-action legal fees and fees incurred during the process of litigation on an indemnity basis.



'In signing these terms and conditions, you confirm there is no reason why a fitness pole dance session should have a negative effect on your health and you understand you are responsible for keeping instructor informed of any changes to your health. You agree that the content and the risks of the sessions have been explained to you and you are prepared to participate in the sessions and accept the risks. You agree to listen to and follow the instructions during the session and you understand the importance of keeping yourself hydrated and your pole clean. You understand you may withdraw your participation at any time.'